Virtual reality Shooting game

November 18, 2017

Nowadays, people are more interested in virtual reality technology or virtual reality simulation technology. Because it is a technology that users can simulate themselves in the virtual world. As if they are in the real world. Because it is a technology that users can replicate themselves in a world where they live in the real world. Virtual reality technology can also be applied to various areas such as Medical, Architects And also interested in the entertainment of the game.

Virtual reality games in the current shooting genre have begun to develop. However, there are currently no games available for Virtual Reality games that incorporate Thai traditional. The developers have invented virtual reality technology based on the Virtual Reality machine that will be the Oculus rift DK2 and designed to be a game that incorporate Thai traditional. It also brings the game system to insert in order not to boring game.

Developed by

Thanya Khumphusa
Pongsatorn Peetiviwat