Teleconsultation Application with a Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Between Doctor and Patient

July 15, 2020

The issue of healthcare is very trendy nowadays. The main resource that they use for searching healthcare information is a mobile phone in this era. Also, there increasing of elder people which leads to an aging society soon. In the same time, hypertension patient is increasing every year. This disease is not curable so, they have to receive treatment regularly. Along with these trends, we have found a problem during receive treatment at the hospital whether traffic problem, time, and comfortable. These are all reflex to user experiences. Therefore, we want to use technology to solve human well being. We initiate a teleconsultation application with a blood monitoring device project to be one of the solutions to the hypertension patient to receive treatment by consulting with doctors with easy update blood pressure data. They can also monitor their health on their own via this application. It supports multiple platforms such as web browsers and smartphones both iOS and Android develop by the Ionic platform. We hope that this application would give them a good experience when they have a consult with the doctor.

Developed by

Mr. Takdanai Jirawanichkul
Miss. Natcha Klangpremchitt