July 7, 2016

This project will develop an application that Tracking and warn users to protect them from social menace. The application will send alert to another users so that they can acknowledge and immediately provide help. The software can also show high-risk areas where the menaces have often happened with initial references from police database. Moreover, it can share risky areas for other users to lookout and prevent the menaces to happen to other members.

 Application is developed in HTML5, which can run on every smartphone and it can connect to server to frequently update data. Server will be developed in PHP using MySQL as DBMS. Application has two parts that are client and overseer.

             Clients can use this application on iOS or Android smartphone. They can send new risky area to overseer for verifying. Overseer will check new data and broadcast to other users.

             This application will be developed to prevent the menaces from social for woman and

children. We hope the user feel comfortable and safe when using this application.

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