Long-distance communication system for the elderly

July 15, 2020

The Project of Distance Communication System for the Elderly has been developed to make it
easier for the elderly to communicate with their children. This communication system consists of 2 parts
which are communication devices for the elderly and applications on a smartphone for posterity this
communication system has the main function of use as

1. Video call communication system convenient for the elderly.

2. Send pictures which the elderly can view pictures and videos that their children have sent through
the device to relieve loneliness and to share stories in the family.

3. Send messages by grandchildren, who can send messages to the elderly and tell stories or important
messages to the elderly to relieve anxiety or worry.

The distance communication system for the elderly will design the device to be most suitable and
easy to use for the elderly to help reduce the distance between the elderly and children to have a close
relationship. It also helps to reduce psychological problems such as depression, feeling of loneliness and
loneliness in the elderly from video communication and sharing of family stories.

Developed by

Nutcha Suwannayik
Panisara Thanaprasop
Jenarath Wongsireeprecha