Inventory Management Web Application for Hardware Store

July 15, 2020

To be the owner of the store that needs to manage a variety of tasks involved in the
store including storage system, transaction system, hiring new employees, marketing system,
and so on. The store owner has to concern and pay attention to every single element in the
store. Most of the store owners mainly focus on the inventory system as it has a huge impact
on the revenue. However, having to handle multiple tasks at the same time may end up
creating mistakes, which may impact the reputation of the store. To satisfy their needs and
also solve the problems, this project will provide a web application called “Store Stock”,
which is created for store owners and their employees to manage the inventory related system
and also other systems in the store easier, by using computer technologies including creating
a web application, database and image processing.

For the expected result, this web application will be able to help the store owners and
their employees to manage their products in stock and inventory more conveniently, be able
to improve their customer service and increase revenue.

Developed by

Chayaporn Phanupat
Pornpitcha Chinwattanachot
Aphisara Phumwiwattana