Interactive Playground with Gaming Application (iPG)

June 15, 2016

Interactive Playground with Gaming Application (iPG)



An interactive playground is a digital game installation that can detect multiple objects in a specific area and projects special effects to objects with projectors. Moving objects are tracked so that the visual effects will be moved along the objects traces. A gaming application based on an air hockey game is designed to be played on this playground. The game includes background, borders, goal and players that are on the playground. Air hockey game is a prototype of the project application. The purpose of this project is use the knowledge and integration computer engineer, science, and arthritic in Bachelor’s degree to create the digital game installation application. We must design the part of software, hardware and survey appropriate equipment to use in this work. The expected result of project is installation interactive playground application that plays by the movement of players.



  1. To study hardware technology research and development that facilitates implementing entertainment systems.
  2. To apply computer engineering knowledge to create an art installation.
  3. To practice the teamwork skill.
  4. To apply image processing and interactive computing to our project.




  1. Create interaction between human and promote good relationship in social.
  2. Reinforce imagination for people when they play around the interactive game.