Interactive Location-based System for Tourist Attraction

July 27, 2016


Interactive Location-based System for Tourist attraction is a system that used in museums, exhibitions, or tourist attractions. This project aim to help kids with learning and help parent participating the kids’ activities. We use Thai Health Promotion Foundation as the pilot site. This project will give the knowledge and information of each sculpture in the site.

This project consists of two parts, which are interactive toy and Android application. Near field communication (NFC) is used for transferring the data between NFC tag with interactive toy and android application. Parent and kids can bring an interactive toy or android smartphone to touch with and NFC tag. The interactive toy will tell kids a story or direction and the smartphone will show information associated with the tag.

            An interactive toy can speak two languages (Thai and English). The toy has the information of sculptures in its memory. Android Application have three features; First Android application has NFC reader to read NFC tag , Second Show information of each place, the last one is Rally game, which has check-points around tourist attraction that allows user to check-in.

What we do ?


Our project separated into two parts, The Interactive toy and Android mobile application. They will work together. First the kids will receive interactive toy, they will bring the toy to touch with the NFC tag. The toy will tell the story and direction to user. Second the parents will download the application from google play and install into smartphone then they will bring the smartphone to touch with the NFC tag. The application will show the information to users. Parent will tell story to the kids. They will enjoy together


Furby is an interactive  robotic  toy.  It is  a famous toy for kids. It integrates interactive function with mobile application. Furby  has a sound sensor to detect the voice and a tilt sensor to detect the body movement. Furby also has infrared sensor to  communicate with other Furbies.

Paro is the most interactive “healing pet“, It designed to be used for animal therapy without needing actual animals that require special attention. It learns from you, and feels just like a real, lovable pet in its natural responses.

Location-based service 

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