November 18, 2018

purposes. This project solves the problem by developing application that can help navigate user to different locations and can answer questions about university’s information to increase comfort and save time for people who come to do errand within the university.

This application can answer user in the form of a chatbot. There are many ways to find the information on campus, such as searching on the internet, opening the student guide, and asking people. The majority of people choose to ask from people or searching on the internet. However, these methods waste time since user have to read and filter information to find answer that is correct. Asking questions from your friend or another people by chat on facebook or line may also waste time by waiting for a response. Chatbot will help fix this problem because it can give answer for you instantly. For navigation part, this application can navigate in the Augmented Reality mode so the users can clearly see the route to the desired location without having to read maps, which may be confusing or different from actual layouts. It also allows the users to reduce the short-term memory when viewing the map and comparing it to the actual route. For these reasons, the team has developed an application called iGuide to solve the problem.

Developed by

Chayawut Eangcha-Um
Pattaranit Keeratiyuttapaisal
Ruthai Channiam