Hospital Data Integration Framework

November 18, 2019

This project research about the Hospital Information System (HIS) to improve the way to use Hospital Information System, in Thailand several hospitals use the Management System in every department, for staff to treat the patient effectively and immediately. Today data is data is growing massively and it is doubling every day, connect the data between system is harder than before and higher mistake such as exchange the patient data between Radiology Information System (RIS) and Hospital Information System (HIS) in part that can connect and exchange the data between system, they connect to each other with point-to-point communication that not support for the future system and hard to track and monitoring data if mistake arises it will harder to handle. We think that ESB can solve this problem, because we know in the hospital has several Management System every system has unique protocol and database if we can apply ESB to every Management System in hospital it can improve the efficiency of work and ESB support to the future system to connect, data monitoring, and lower mistake.

Developed by

Saranpat Funkaew
Supanat Wuthisopakorn