Dancing game that increase exercising motivation by player’s action in reality

November 18, 2018

Most of Thai on this learning and working period are quite interested in term of the healthy lifestyle. Mostly, they concerned about calories that get from eating or burn from exercising. On the other hand, people in these periods do not have much time to care themselves. So, the propose of our project is to realize the importance of health care by creating an exercise game for supporting healthy people who are inconvenient to go the gym. And in game, there are consisting the knowledge about health information that people can use them to apply in their daily life.

Accordingly, we have to study some research and product that related to movement game and use some interesting feature of each work to develop our project, Health Beat. And the result of the implement, we got the game that is able to enhance exercising, detect accurate movement correctly, measure energy metabolism in term of calories, detecting heart rate and including giving health information to people who play our game.

Developed by

Kanyakorn Natiprawat
Nichanat Poonsawat