Collaborative Learning Application for Kids: Math, English and Arts

July 7, 2016

Collaborative Learning Application for Kids: Math, English and Arts

collaborative-app  This project is learnig tool that help children can learn collabaratively from their home via computer screen. Teacher will give the suggestion to children through this application. Teacher must create the session and give that session’s URL to children. After children join that session, they will see the same screen as others in real time. There are 3 subjects; Mathematics, English and Arts.

        In mathematics, this application uses base 10 block to help children learn about addition, subtraction and multiplication easily. Children will learn will their friends and help each other fix the problem that teacher give.

        In English, children will learn from matching the picture and vocabulary that teacher give.

        The last is Arts subject, children will learn to f]drw the picture dot to dot. Teacher will upload the picture and let the children connect that dot.

Project Description

  This is our short description of project. This picture show the core concept and part of this project.

        There are 3 parts, first is the part that describe about the overall of this project and show the related keyword that use in this project. The important keywords are CSCL, Kids’ learning, and e-learning. This project allow students to learn about Mathematics, English, and Arts. For Kids’ learning concept, children will learn from doing and doing the activities with each others so, this project allow children learn together. Moreover, we use the concept from CSCL theory to adapt in this project by using computer with internet connection to connect between students.

        The second part is about how this project works. There are two components of this project, server-side and client side. This part show workflow of this project. First step is log-in session for teacher. Teacher will start server and session. Then teacher is allowed todelete or create neww session for students. Teacher will give the session’s url to student and student will access the session by using this url. The maximun number of student in each session is four students. Teacher can access every session and monitor student in each session.

        The last part is for showing features of this project. Main feature of this project is creating session for group of students and student can learn together in realtime whenever they are the different place. Teachers are allowed to monitor student in each session, create tasks for student in the session, and create learning plan for students.


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