Bus detector application for blind people

July 15, 2020

This project was created a mobile application to help facilitate the blind people
to use the public bus that provided service by Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA)
and private companies in Bangkok. This application can work in both iOS and Android
operating systems that have a Screen Reader feature for the blind people. The
application has continuous operation functions in 2 parts as follows. The first part is
Bus Detection and Classification to detect the buses that users want to ride. Which is a
collaboration between camera of smartphone, application and image processing. But
due to the situation of COVID-19, the camera connection has to be changed to
download images from Google Drive instead. The second part is Bus stop navigation
for notice current and next bus stops to users. Which is a collaboration between GPS
system of smartphone and the bus stop database system. The application is fully
compatible with the Screen Reader and can connect to a Google Drive to retrieve the
address of an image or file ID (File ID). Can take GPS coordinate from the smartphone
to check the distance to notice the current bus stop and the next stop, but there is
still a delay in data transmission due to communicate with the server. As well as being
accurate to read the number of buses at 49 percent which is cause by external factors
in many aspects such as characterisation, light and shadow on the number plate and
image resolution.

Developed by

Kuljira Jamying
Yodsarun Pongda
Preyapach Tanathipchaicharoen