A community-based online platform to find friends to play sports

July 15, 2020

Sports are very important because it helps us to have mental and physical growth. Sports can also be defined as entertainment and physical activity because in some sports it requires good teamwork and skills. In sports, we learn how to maintain mental balance in the sense of hope and despair, it also helps us to develop in the sense of team spirit. This means that some sports need more than 1 or 2 people to be a part of the sport such as basketball, football, and volleyball. Therefore, if a person wants to play sports that need more than 1 or 2 people but could not find anyone to play it can make him/her lose the opportunity to play sports. From the problem above, we decided to build a community-based application for finding friends to play sports. We hope that our application can make people that have the same problem to finally play sports without any issues in the sense of finding teammates or finding someone to play sports. Moreover, our application will help the user to book the sports fields and see an available sports field near them. However, in order to find friends to play sports and book the sports fields in our application, the user will have to book the private sports field which is not the public sports field. Furthermore, for the owner of the sports fields, we will provide them the management of the time booking system in order for them to update their available time of booking and also the payment system in our application. We expect that our application will benefit most people that want to play sports and also the owner of the sports fields to be more convenient for managing their sports fields.

Developed by

Lermarn Uma
Kunakorn Teera-apisukkul