Interactive Application for Museum

July 16, 2017

Nowadays, Thailand has many museums aiming to provide knowledge to the visitors. However, most of the museums are detailoriented making it hard for visitors to consume the information. Due to the fact that everyone has smartphone, our group came up with a museum application framework. For the front-end part, we combines the usefulness of Local Positioning System (LPS), iBeacon and Quick Response (QR) together. LPS navigates the visitors, iBeacon works as a personal guide and QR helps featuring more details along the museum. Additionally, under the concept of “Bring Knowledge back home” visitors can read all information at ease whenever and wherever they want. For the back-end part, museum owner can manage the content easily from the well-created interface.


Developed by

Saritrat Jirakulpornchai
Sornsarun Ratananopadonchai
Titirat Amornwuthisuja