Find Me : Location Tracking Device

July 15, 2017

Nowadays, Technologies come to be a part of human’s life and it is very important for daily routine to help us to do many things. It makes our convenient life. However, It’s also have disadvantages which are decrease human capability especially about the memories. For example, you might forget the location of something that can make you lose time to find it.

There are some devices that can help you to find object location in nowadays market which has small size. Some devices are widely use so it makes exact location result. However, they also have limitations which are their target location (either outdoor or indoor) and expensive price. So this cannot support all user requirements. Because of this problem, it leads to make this project which is the Portable device or wearable device. This device has a special feature which can memorize the location of tagged objects. So you can find things which are indoor and outdoor by see the location or distance on iOS application in your iOS device. In addition, this location can tell you about the distance or location of the tagged objects that you are finding which can calculate from signal intensity through wireless technologies that use for identify object location. All of data that we get from it will transfer through wireless network. Moreover, this device has the ability to alert with sound and background message in your iOS device before you will forget you object which detected by distance between user (application) and tagged object. In conclusion, we use test results to identify the capability of application and hardware tag which response to increase capability quantity of finding wanted objects of customer demand.


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